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833697 Universal Condenser Fan Motor WR60X225 AP3120994 PS395284

Replacement for Whirlpool

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Part Number: AZAP5290

Condenser fan motor 833697 moves air across the condenser coil to cool the hot refrigerant before it enters the evaporator. Made to fit Whirlpool, Roper, Kenmore, Estate, and some other models.


  • Shaft Diameter: .25" Threaded
  • 115 Volts
  • Shaft Length: .50"
  • RPM: 1550
  • Hertz: 50/60Hz
  • Amps: .28A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Watts: 2W
  • Rotation: CW

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Condenser fan motor 833697 replaces the following parts: AP3120994, 61002038, WP61002038, 10884507, 10522101, 10522104, 10884502, 10884506, 12001314, 14210089, 14273186, 21012-1, 27515-1, 2790, 28056-12, 28056-14, 28056-16, 28056-3, 28056-5, 28056-7, 28056-9, 311168, 52186-9, 54503-2, 56804, 61001016, 61001562, 67560-10, 67560-3, 67560-5, 67560-8, 68445-3, 68445-7, 68481-2, 68481-4, 833697VP, AH395284, B0532506, B0544605, B0551904, B0552004, B5603501, B5646204, C7584001, C8766901, C8891701, D7584002, EA395284, PS395284, R0150002, R0950211, Y0054175, Y0056804, Y0312499, Y61001016, WR60X1, WR60X102, WR60X109, WR60X110, WR60X115, WR60X121, WR60X128, WR60X156, WR60X157, WR60X164, WR60X177R, WR60X3, WR60X31, WR60X39, WR60X4, WR60X41, WR60X43, WR60X44, WR60X45, WR60X46, WR60X47, WR60X48, WR60X49, WR60X5001, WR60X5051, WR60X6, WR60X62, WR60X75, WR60X76, WR60X77, WR60X77R, WR60X83, WR60X110, 833697, SM5109, 65100, K111, WR60X225 AP2071823, 305561, AH304765, EA304765, PS304765, WR60X0225, WR60X0242, WR60X0264, WR60X242, WR60X264, WR60X187, AP2071789, 305527, AH304731, EA304731, PS304731, SWR60X0173, SWR60X173, WR60X0165, WR60X0169, WR60X0170, WR60X0173, WR60X0179, WR60X0184, WR60X0187, WR60X0233, WR60X10010, WR60X165, WR60X169, WR60X170, WR60X173, WR60X179, WR60X184, WR60X233, WR6X0187, W10822259, 4387244, 2166191, 2176336, 2183437, 2188534, 2188537, PS11723170, AP5985148,, 4387244, 2166191, 2176336, 2183437, 2188534, 2188537, PS11723170, AP5985148.

    WARNING California Residents Prop 65

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    • Hi -- I have a GE refrigerator model TBX18JABKRBB. On their parts site, they show the motor as part #WR60X264 (replaced by #WR60X225). From your description, it sounds like this part will fit my refrigerator, but you don't mention GE models. Can you please confirm? Thank you.


      Yes "833697 Universal Condenser Fan Motor WR60X225 AP3120994 PS395284" will replace you fan motor WR60X225 and fits Model TBX18JABKRBB.



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