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Capacitor Run, 5 MFD 440V Oval TOCF5

Capacitor Run, 5 MFD 440V Oval TOCF5

  • $7.90

Part Number: AZAPTOCF5

Item Number: 5255

Not all capacitors are built the same. Take it to the PRO level. At 60,000 hours of operational life, Titan PROTM Professional Grade Motor Run Capacitors get the job done by outperforming standard motor run capacitors of similar value by 83%! RELIABLE 60,000 hours operational life FLEXIBLE Titan PRO™ 440/370 volt design reduces inventory Titan PRO™ 370 volt offers best in class value COMPLIANT Built to the toughest international standards for AC motor run capacitors including EIA-456-A and IEC 60252-1:2001 TESTED 100% electrical testing REINFORCED Heavy-edged metalized polypropylene film is used for the dielectric Proprietary bio-degradable oil Second generation anti-explosion safety switch

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