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LG Tub Seal Bearing Kit

  • $62.92

This is an aftermarket bearing kit. These are high pressure testing bearings. This Bearing kit comes with a washer tub seal part number 4036ER2004A, front bearing part number 4280FR4048L and a rear bearing part number 4280FR4048E. It will fit the following model numbers: LG Models: WM0642HW, WM0742HGA, WM0742HWA, WM1832CW, WM2032HS, WM2032HW, WM2042CW, WM2050CW, WM2075CW, WM2077CW, WM2101HW, WM2140CW, WM2233HD, WM2233HS, WM2233HU, WM2233HW, WM2240CW, WM2250CW, WM2277HB, WM2277HS, WM2277HW, WM2301HR, WM2301HW, WM2350HRC, WM2350HWC, WM2442HW, WM2450HRA, WM2455HW, WM2487HRM, WM2487HRMA, WM2487HWMA, WM2487WHM, WM2496HSM, WM2496HWM, WM2497HWM, WM2501HVA, WM2501HWA, WM2601HL, WM2601HR, WM2601HW, WM2650HRA, WM2650HWA, WM2677HSM, WM2677HWM, WM2688HNMA, WM2688HWM, WM2688HWMA, WM2701HV, WM2801HLA, WM2801HRA, WM2801HWA, WM3001HPA, WM3001HRA, WM3001HWA, WM3070HRA, M3070HWA,WM3360HVCA, WM3987HW, WM3988HWA, 79641373211. KENMORE Models: 79640441900, 79640448900, 79641372210, 79641379210, 79640272800, 79640272900, 79640311900, 79640318900 79641272210. KENMORE Elite Models: 79640512900, 79640518900, 79641022900, 79641028900, 79641029900, 79641272210, 79641472210, 79641473210, 79642192900, 79642198900, 79642199900

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