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WH2X1198 Washer Tub Bearing AZAPWH2X1198

  • $21.99

Part Number: AZAPWH2X1198
Item Number: 5004

This is a genuine original OEM part. Washer Tub Bearing WH2X1198 is located inside the basket. Supports the spin basket shaft at the bottom of the washer tub

Product Details

  • Part Number WB2X1198 replaces the following parts: AP2045289,  279136, AH271510, EA271510, PS271510, WH02X1198, AZAPWH2X1198
  • Approximately 1-1/2" diameter, 2-1/2" high
  • Fits Frigidaire, GE, RCA, Hotpoint washing machines 

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