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WR51X443 Refrigerator Defrost Heating Element WR51X345

  • $18.49

Part Number: AZAPERWR51X443
Item Number: 6038

Refrigerator defrost heating element WR51X443 a high quality replacement part will generate heat to melt any frost build up on the evaporator fins. This will come on usually every 8 to 10 hours.   


  • Part number WR51X443 replaces the following parts: WR51X344, WR51X345, WR51X372, WR51X405, WR51X461, Part Number WR51X443 AP2071465, 2001, AH303934, EA303934, PS303934, WR51X0344, WR51X0345, WR51X0372, WR51X0405, WR51X0443, WR51X0461, WR51X344, WR51X345, WR51X372, WR51X405, WR51X461, EXWR51X443
  • Fits General Electric, Amana, Maytag, Hotpoint, RCA and some other models.  
  • Approximately 12" Long
  • Kit comes with 2- 12" tube heaters, defrost thermostat also know as bi metal thermostat and wire hardness 

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